I have always believed that, in Fiduciary Law in particular, it is important to include specialists in various areas of work, in the best interests of one’s client.


I accordingly work very closely with a certain preferred Certified Financial Planners, and in particular Neil Cairns of Naviganti Financial Planning, Gillitts, who assist me in adding value to the service I am able to render to my clients pertaining to financial planning services which I outsource to them.

I have retained a loose association with my previous partnership, Austen Smith, of Pietermaritzburg, to whom I refer matters that are not within my core focus or expertise.

I also work very closely with John Hardie of Hardie and Associates of Howick, who is a specialist Strategy, Planning and Tax Account, and who is the accounting officer of most of the Trusts in which I am a Professional Trustee.

Let’s Work Together